I am currently working as a weekend researcher. These researches are done when I was a PhD student.
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SmartHair/Harlytop Interface

Much research has been conducted on surface reappearance type haptic displays. Those displays are cable with showing roughness of the objects’ surface often by controlling the height of many rods. However, actuation systems are complex then it is hard for them to expand the display area. In this research, we propose a new surface reappearance type haptic display named “HairlyTop Interface”. That interface consists of multiple SMA based flexible actuators. The actuators are easily appended or remove from the main display device. In this report, we introduce the basic idea of the HairlyTop Interface. Then we also describe on preliminary evaluations and their results.


Kinetic Clothes

Advances in sensor technology allow us to wear various sensors that detect bio-signals, such as body posture, body movement, heart rate and respiration rate. Compared with the many options of wearable sensors available, the options of display methods are limited. This paper proposes the Bio-Collar, which is a novel collar-shaped wearable bio-status display. The Bio-Collar indicates the wearer’s bio-status through its color and kinetic motion.


Ball Display

In this paper, we propose a ball with a video display function for Augmented Sports, which enables us to design ball sports with extended strategy. The proposed ball has a sensor to acquire rotation information inside, and a group of LEDs to display images on the outer surface, and displays images in a specific direction depending on the rotation status. In this presentation, we report on the development of a system that displays images while the direction of rotation is fixed to one axis, and furthermore, we verify the validity of the system.
We propose a ball-shaped display that displays images in a specific direction in a rotating state. The proposed ball-shaped display has an inertial sensor and a microcontroller (MPU) inside, and a group of LEDs on the surface of the enclosure. The MPU detects the rotation status of the ball from the inertial sensor and switches the LEDs on the surface of the ball based on this information, and displays the image in a specific direction as shown in the left figure.
We assume that the ball-shaped display, which can display images in a specific direction, will be applied to Augmented Sports and sports training. For example, in Augmented Dodgeball, we extend the rules of dodgeball by using a ball with built-in sensors and a helmet-type device. In this way, the introduction of a ball with sensing and display functions in sports and training is expected to increase the flexibility of designing rules and training menus.


  • 大久保 賢、佐藤 俊樹、野嶋 琢也: 映像表示機能を有するボールの提案,第21回日本バーチャルリアリティ学会大会予稿集, 31C-03,2016.